Monday, July 27, 2009

Answer Question

One of my readers asked me a question about her boxer. She owns a white boxer and has some questions about the breed. Her main concern is whats the difference between a regular boxer and a white boxer.

Well white boxers are no different than any other boxers. They have similar personalities and they behave themselves about the same. Several years ago white boxers were considered rare and were sold to dog owners for a lot more money because you don't just see that many white boxers around. However they are not rare at all. White boxers are pretty common. Not as common as brindle or brown, but still, they are not hard to come by.

If any of my readers have more to add please check out her blog and leave her a comment.

My Dog Experience

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Train Your Boxer Puppy

After receiving several emails about where to get information on boxer specific training, I decided to make this post.

There are hundreds of websites that give information about boxer training, but my favorite will have to be home boxer. They have a List of things to train your boxer puppy which is great if you have no idea where to get started. It shows step by step on where to start and how to train your boxer. If you look through all of their articles you will see that not only they have a lot of information about training your boxer puppy but also about the dog itself.

There are some other great sites too but I just can't think of them off the top of my head right now. The reason I like home boxer is because not only it explains HOW to train your boxer they way you should but also WHY. Boxers are a very unique breed and they require some more attention then most others.

Why You Should Get a Boxer

Boxer puppies are a breed that you should consider if your are seeking for a a great protector. Even though Boxers are big dogs, Boxers are still known to be gentle, intelligent and kind, openhearted and clever A dog similar to that will be completely devoted to your life-style and household, which makes them a perfect protector also. With numerous reasons to adopt a boxer puppy, Boxers are the perfect choice for any family who wants a pet.Boxers are a pleasure to be around with.

Buying boxers to your family will give you a new playmate and a new companion. You should expect that a new dog will be anxious at first and you will need to take the time to introduce him to his new home.These dogs always try to please their owners, so it will be quite easy to train them. Because of their intelligence, you will have no problems teaching them new tricks.

Boxer puppies belong with the working type of dogs. At the height of Boxers shoulders that can differ from 20-25 inches high, and can weigh anywhere from fifty to seventy-five lb. Boxer puppies are born in several colors like white red and brown and sometimes Boxer puppies can have a dark or white mask on Their face. Boxers fur is little and rests close to Boxers skin which makes them more vulnerable to cold climates than a dog that has longer fur. They also have a , 15 years.Dogs with short fur will not need much grooming which will give you more play time.